Due to causality, on one certain point, you have to decide to change the language or turn silent because everything has been said. Usually, I won’t choose the easy way, hence the new language keeps me going, offers new paths of expression. At first, it was tough to say yes wherever I said no before, to let go of some habits, some structures, or processes I worked on before. It still is a process of learning, dealing with my limited abilities, and growing with the contradiction between what I have in mind and what comes out in the end.

Actually, the contradiction is what inspires me a lot in making music. Often I come across some elements, structures or sounds I never thought of. I guess that’s what people call “playing” with music.

After the second official release and the fourth full-length album of S.K.E.T. I felt a need to move a step further into a different direction without giving up or leaving my basis behind. So I got a new acre to plant different thoughts and found a new ‘me’ to explore. While I use S.K.E.T. to talk about things that are somehow moving me, Talvekoidik is a valve for me to let out ideas and emotions I cannot express with words. Mostly, due to the abstraction, I feel I get closer to hit the point.

For more exsamples of my work please visit my Bandcamp.

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