Negotiate The Distance

negotiate (nɪˈɡəʊʃɪˌeɪt) — vb 1. to work or talk (with others) to achieve (a transaction, an agreement, etc) 2. ( tr ) to succeed in passing through, around, or over: to negotiate a mountain pass

distance (ˈdɪstəns) — n 1. the intervening space between two points or things 2. the length of this gap 3. the state of being apart in space; remoteness 4. a separation or remoteness in relationship; disparity 5. keep one’s distance to maintain a proper or discreet reserve in respect of another person 13. the distant parts of a picture, such as a landscape 6. to hold or place at a distance 7. to separate (oneself) mentally or emotionally from something or someone

Negotiate The Distance‘ is a reflection about distance as a paradigm of relationships between people and the paradox of peoples’ behaviour when it comes to negotiation of distance in a emotional and/or spatial matter, about people forced to live close together in limited space, like in large cities or high rise residential buildings, who are very remote on the emotional level and same time feel close to someone far away or feel lonely among others. It’s also a reflection about longings, demands and fears distance may cause and the higher value moments spent together have when distance is a strong point of one’s relation to someone else.

01 Take A Deep Breath
02 The Tree Knows A Secret
03 Curtis Went Away, As Nobody Listened
04 Call Into Nowhere
05 Heart In Stasis With A Hiccup
06 Sometimes I Wish To Evaporate
07 Love Is
08 Unreal Yearning
09 Awaiting You To Return
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The fact that Talvekoidik is no one other than Kai Hahnewald of S.K.E.T. is only of interest as to indicate that this album has been composed by a musician with a pedigree and experience – of which the rich sonic tapestries and the glistening production quality would have convinced you anyway. “Negotiate The Distance” is the second Talvekoidik album, and it’s the work of a man who indulges in thoughts, doubts and visions, a very personal, intimate work. It employs drone-based atmospheres and samples of voices and common items like telephones, but the dominant features are piano and string sounds, making for a very cinematic, emotional quality. Rhythm appears mainly as structure. “Take A Deep Breath” – and slide into the world of Talvekoidik with the calm and soothing opener. “Call Into Nowhere” and “Unreal Yearning” appear almost neo-classical, catchy even, before “ Heart In Stasis With A Hiccup” with its slight ritual touch leads you into the darker heart of the album, where more experimental structures are predominant, like in the cavernal sounding “The Tree Knows A Secret”. Keep on walking, until a bit of brightness returns and indicates you’re approaching the end and the closing title “Awaiting You To Return” (which is a wish you will gladly fulfil). “Negotiate The Distance” might have an intellectual inclination, but it’s far from headstrong, it’s a musically very attractive piece of work with an overall sense of positivity, of hope and love of life.



Press Reviews:


Rares sont les albums qui délivrent un tel noeud d’émotions, qui vous plongent dans un état incertain, vulnérable, limpide et comblé. Expression d’un esprit torturé, Negotiate The Distance fait de la noirceur et du doute un matériau sensoriel magnifique, animé à la fois d’urgence et de retenue. Cet album est un chef-d’oeuvre. Quant à ceci, c’est ma dernière chronique. Bless bless.

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So gerät „Negotiate The Distance” also zu einer abwechslungsreichen elektronischen Klangreise mit Ecken und Kanten. Kai Hahnewald hat seinen ganz eigenen musikalischen Kosmos gebastelt, der mit Blick auf das Albumcover in nur einer von mehreren denkbaren Varianten mit „Allein unter Vielen“ interpretiert werden könnte, aber derartige Wertungen sollten jedem Hörer letztlich selbst überlassen bleiben. Wer jedenfalls mit XABEC oder auch ruhigeren EMPUSAE etwas anfangen kann – dies wirklich nur als ungefährer Anhaltspunkt – ist hier sicher gut aufgehoben. Eine rundum ansprechende Leistung!

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Sanft wie ein Windhauch, aber auch stark und kraftvoll wie ein reinigender Sturm setzt sich „Negotiate the distance“ im Kopf und im Herzen fest, es beruhigt und wühlt auf zugleich, und es hinterlässt ein tiefes Gefühl von Schönheit, von Hoffnung, von Liebe und vom Glücklichsein – ein Gefühl, das einen über alle Distanz/Nicht-Distanz erhaben macht.

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